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With over 20 years of experience in the luxury industry, Arnauld Lapierre & Henri Cantais are at the head of Equation of Time, specialized in high-end watches distribution in the Americas: USA, Canada, Caribbean, and Latin America. Equation of Time represents brands such as Maitres du Temps, Giuliano Mazzuoli, Clerc, Christophe Claret, Perrelet, and more!

a passionate team

about us

Arnauld Lapierre

  • 22 years in the luxury industry in the Americas territory
  • Strong knowledge of the luxury retail business in the Caribbean, Central & South America, USA
  • Heavily entrepreneurial profile
  • Successfully developed companies

Henri Cantais

  • 24 years in the watch industry, Area Manager Cartier, Piaget Brand Manager, Brand Director Montblanc, Regional Brand Director Jeager-LeCoultre
  • Deep knowledge of Latin and Caribbean markets
  • Team manager and sales oriented profile
  • Successfully developed luxury brands
More than a decade of expertise

our history



Consulting contract with Bay Distributors luxury watch agent of various brands for this period: AP, Roger Dubuis, Harry Winston, GP, Genta, Roth etc.


Various consultation with luxury companies


Portfolio of luxury watch brands in distribution


2011: Giuliano Mazzuoli and Maîtres du Temps for all territories

2012: Ernst Benz for Latin Americas only, Aaron Basha Latin America & Caribbean

2013: Clerc for all Territories, DeWitt for Latin America only

2016: Christophe Claret and Perrelet for all territories

2018: Reservoir for Latin America only


bring value to the watch retail industry

our mission

Deep understanding of the territories

Strong knowledge of retailers network per market per brand

Expertise of retailer profile for brands strategy

Close relationship with owners

Permanent contact with sales associates

Presence on the field, training, merchandising, sales incentive

Access to high end watch collectors, one to one presentation

Access to our regional Press data base of Editors

Event planning

Watch shows organizers


+1 (305) 588-3628

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